Parkside Sydney Wedding

Why should you choose to hire a professional photographer?

The benefits of choosing a professional photographer are abound, ranging from the assurance that your photographer is experienced enough to handle any situation that may arise on your wedding day, to having the proper gear and the proper insurance to cover any misadventures.

Unfortunately the advent of digital technology in photography have reduced the cost of a professional grade digital SLR and as a result there are a plethora of photography enthusiasts purporting as a professional photographer. However the skills and the creative eye of a dedicated professional wedding photographer cannot be purchased from your local JBHIFI. You simply cannot risk leaving your wedding to an amateur or inexperienced photographer to capture your day. Too often bride and grooms received subpar wedding photos because they left it to chance when they selected their wedding photographer.

Ask for previous client reviews, research their background thoroughly. Although it is not a guarantee of skills or experience, a photographer that is accredited but the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) give you some assurance that the portfolio of your photographer has been vetted by a panel from the AIPP.

You and your fiancé should click well with the photographer, your photographer in turn should have great people skills. Poor relationship between a photographer and a bridal party is a recipe for mediocre photographs.

How many photos will you receive?

Every wedding is unique and I am to tell the story of the day through the images I take. Depending on the flow of the day, the number of photos taken vary between weddings, however typically a full day coverage will receive 900+ photographs.

I meticulously edit all the photographs that is provided to you, I do not provide unedited or RAW images as they do not represent my work.

What photo-books will you receive?

My preferred photo-book supplier is Queensberry, they are widely regarded in the industry as the leaders in crafting their products using the finest quality materials. 

The finesse of the materials and craftsmanship can only be fully appreciated when you hold one of their photo-books in your hand, thus I encourage you to make an appointment with me to view the sample photo-books. 

Alternatively you may review their products and read their story at Queensberry.

Who will be your photographer on your wedding day?

Short answer is: Dan. 

I am the principal photographer at Parkside and will be the primary photographer for your wedding. 

Depending on your package, I may bring along a second photographer or assistant. 

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes I do travel. I have photographed weddings in NSW, Victoria and Queensland ( soon Hawaii! ). 

There is no additional cost for weddings taking place in the Sydney area. An additional travel charge apply for weddings outside Sydney. 

Will I receive high resolution images?

You will receive high resolution copies of the images included in your photo-book. 

Do you offer engagement photo-shoots?

Yes I offer engagement photo sessions. 

I encourage couples to take up this opportunity, it is an afternoon of your time to capture some great photographs you and your partner. Engagement sessions are designed to be light hearted and enjoyable. 

It is an opportunity for you and your partner to get comfortable having a camera around on your wedding day. 

Will we have an opportunity to meet up before the wedding?

I always take time to meet with my clients before the wedding, from initial discussions to confirming your wedding package. 

What happens after the wedding?

After the wedding I will send an USB of your wedding photos and a link for an online gallery.

If you have included a photo-book in your package, I will arrange a time to meet with you to confirm your photo-book design. 

Do we need to sign a contract?

Yes I have a contract setting out the terms and conditions that is required to be agreed and signed.